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Frequently Asked Questions

How much costs to make a software?

All softwares and needs are different, but we make effort to give you a guideline of cost:
1 – With an initial bulk estimation.
2 – With cost references from other projects
3 – With different payment systems
We want to make sure you have as much information as we can before we start building.

How do you guarantee the quality?

The process is the answer to this question.

When we develop the software we follow a specific process improved through years of experience.
Some of the key items are 3-layer testing, early feedback loop, automated test cases, or peer code review.

There is no magic answer to guarantee quality but a lot of hard job behind, most companies know about the best practices but they are not ready or not willing to spend this extra effort to optimize the quality.

Our products normally have 3 months of guarantee for you to test and check everything is in order.

How much I will depend on you after the development.

Since the beginning, we have made the development yours:

Giving access to the code base, letting see all he reviews and quality processes, keeping the documentation up to date, and following the best code standards.

At any time you could find another developer and continue the task with them if you aren’t happy with our work.
However, most of our customers decide to continue the maintenance face with us, not because they depend on us but because they are happy with our way to work and our performance.

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